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How the Power of Psychiatry is Helping People with Addiction

How the Power of Psychiatry is Helping People with Addiction

People who struggled with addiction in the past received varying types of treatment. Some were given powerful drugs that only made it worse while others were told addiction was completely their fault. Little consistency existed in treatment options and not many scientists and healthcare professionals understood addiction and recovery. Modern psychiatry has come a long way to support individuals with addiction find support.

Modern Day Addiction

Mental health professionals have only begun recently to recognize the specific characteristics of addiction. As the characteristics become clarified, addiction treatment has evolved to bring knowledge into rehabilitative options. The key principles of addiction treatment include:

  • Viewing addiction as a complex yet treatable disease
  • Receiving treatment for appropriate time frame is essential
  • Every person must receive treatment
  • Treatment must be accessible to anyone who needs it
  • Counseling and behavioral therapies are commonly-used and effective types of drug abuse treatment
  • A person can receive treatment involuntarily and still experience rehabilitation
  • Medications can be effective when combined with other therapies
  • Drug use should be monitored to avoid and manage any possible relapses
  • Treatment programs should include testing for and education about infectious disease that may be transmitted through intravenous drug use which may increase risk of acquiring or spreading disease

Co-Occurring Disorders

Most modern psychiatrists view addiction not as temporary, but instead as a chronic disease that must be acknowledged and managed throughout a person’s life. The field has begun exploring relationships between the disease and other mental health issues people struggle with. Co-occurring disorders including anxiety, major depression, mood disorders, and more require complex treatment options which treat both disorders at the same time.

Addiction treatment has changed greatly over the past few years. Extensive research into addiction and co-occurring disorders means mental healthcare professionals can provide effective treatment to support long-term recovery. Modern psychiatry is not perfect but is much improved over past years. The goal is to provide the best treatment for an individual who needs help and support recovery now and in the future using best practices and the right treatment options for that person to help them heal.

The healing journey of recovery is not over and done in a week or even months. It is a lifetime journey. If you are struggling with addiction, let us help you. We will support your growth and path from addiction to recovery. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964