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How Often Should I Practice Yoga?

How Often Should I Practice Yoga?

Many people who are new to yoga want to try and fit several sessions in per week, thinking the more the better. The right amount of time to practice yoga really depends on many factors. With any new program, it is wise to not just jump in full tilt before thinking through a few things ahead of time. Some types of yoga are more challenging than others. Learn more about the different types of yoga and how often you can practice to reap the benefits.

Getting Started

When you start out doing yoga, it will become evident it is not just another workout. There are volumes of texts that explore the benefits of yoga including physical and emotional. Studies have demonstrated the positive overall impact of yoga on people’s mental and physical health. Yoga is an all-encompassing practice that cultivates a connection between mind and body. It aims to unite the two together, but it has lots of nuances.

Not a Pill

Whenever people question how often to practice yoga, it is focused on fitness. It takes time and a dedicated practice to see results, which can be frustrating for some people to hear. Yoga is about developing strength, flexibility, and working through mental blocks. Yoga is more about long-term dedication than jumping in to try it a few times before moving on to some other form of exercise. Committing to three times a week or more is considered regular practice. This will help develop coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. A consistent practice encourages you to refine your body awareness and move more efficiently in space. If you only practice once a week, you miss out on all the rewards including personal awareness.

Not Just an Escape

Even if you practice the type of yoga which is about stretching and holding poses, it is not just an escape. Yoga differs from other workouts in that it advocates presence. Yoga is about mindful practice. Self-study is one tenet of yoga in that it encourages reflection on personal habits, choices, and behaviors. Yoga can teach you to be present for each moment, and be an active participant in your life. You will begin to feel more comfortable in your skin as you go along. When you mindfully pay attention to your yoga practice, you are forcing your mind and body to be in sync. This takes time to do and intentional effort. The best way to achieve results in yoga for the mind and body is to find a class several times a week and show up on your mat for even just a short period of time, even if you just sit quietly.

The practice of yoga is not one that is left in the gym or on the mat. It is to be taken with you in all aspects of life. Yoga is most effective when applied to your life holistically including the type of food you eat, how you live, and other lifestyle habits including who you spend time with. Cultivating a holistic practice in yoga is about cultivating a lifestyle to support it. Through this lifestyle practice, you will begin to integrate the mind-body practice and embody the presence of feeling connected to yourself in recovery.

Yoga is a practice which focuses on the whole person. Rehab is a great space to connect to yourself and start to align your mind with your body again. Serenity helps you recognize the places where you have disconnected and numbed out so you can reconnect again. Let us help you recover from addiction and seek the resources you need to keep you clean and sober. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401