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How Medical Detox Can Keep You Sober

If you are trying to get sober for good, dealing with withdrawal symptoms is the first serious challenge. You will feel compelled to start drinking again just to relieve the symptoms. If your addiction is serious enough, withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. Medical detox can reduce the danger and discomfort of detox and get your recovery off to a good start.

Medical detox signals a firm commitment to sobriety. It’s easy to tell yourself in the comfort of your home that you will stop drinking but if the discomfort of withdrawal becomes too painful it’s also easy to put sobriety off until later. Going to a detox facility means you’re serious, even if you are the only person who knows you’re there.

Once you are in the detox facility, the medical staff can give you medication to reduce your anxiety and risk of seizures. They can also give you medication to reduce other symptoms such as nausea and insomnia. You may be suffering from dehydration or vitamin deficiencies as a result of prolonged drinking and they can treat these as well. This care will get you through the initial discomfort of withdrawal, which should begin to taper after five to seven days.

Detox centers don’t only help you manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal. They also provide counseling to deal with the psychological difficulties. Withdrawal symptoms often include anxiety and depression and it’s helpful to have someone on hand to help you deal with those issues. Addiction is often related to trauma or some other mental health issue and while addressing that might take longer than the week you spend in detox, you can at least get started. Addressing the underlying causes of addiction will help prevent relapse.

Medical detox may be the closest you can get to a reset. You get the drugs or alcohol out of your system, you start to recover your health, and you get help understanding the causes of your addiction. It’s certainly no guarantee you will remain sober, but it’s a pretty good start. You can decide what steps to take next. You might decide to enter a rehab facility where you can continue therapy in a supportive environment. Or if you think you have enough support at home, you can establish a healthy routine, meet with a therapist, and attend meetings. However you intend to handle the next phase of your recovery, medical detox will put you in a better position to succeed.

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