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How Does Massage Aid in Recovery?

How Does Massage Aid in Recovery?

Treatment trends for addiction have been taking a holistic path in recent years. Previous therapy focused on traditional methods of alcoholic and drug addiction treatment programs. Now there are many alternative forms of therapies available, alongside traditional therapies, that can support a person in treatment. Massage is one of those therapies that can help aid in recovery.

Restoring Balance

Addiction has emotional and physical elements wrapped into it. Every individual possesses unique dynamics and perspectives, as well as different levels of negative emotions. Addiction is about fighting back to find balance. Emotionally, life is overwhelming, but physically it is also difficult on the whole body. Myofascial massage, for instance, can help loosen tight connections between tissues to release emotions and detoxify the body. Adhering to the idea emotions rest in certain organs, therapists utilize Swedish or deep-tissue massage and empower people to change them.

Massage Mechanics

The mechanism behind massage is basically that massage can physically relax tight muscles that harbor holding patterns due to structural, mechanical, or emotional blocks. Imbalances in the body can be difficult to deal with over a long period of time. When released through muscle manipulation, massage can allow nerve pathways to become open and work in harmony to create balance with the rest of the body to release emotional tension.

  • Swedish, soothing, or hot-stone massage can help slow down the nervous system. This helps lower impulsivity, slow the thought process down and help make better decisions
  • Feathering is a two-finger technique which brushes nerve endings from the base of the neck to base of the spine and from hips to toes
  • Healing touch can incorporate elements of energy work and healing benefits of physical massage

Reaching Out

More treatment centers are available for people to seek help. If you are struggling with addiction, there are places to find hope and help. Massage and alternative therapies are becoming more commonplace in the way treatment is being provided. If you want to heal from addiction, the best way is to find a treatment option which serves your interests and supports your journey to recovery.

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