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How Does Marijuana Alter Decision-Making?

How Does Marijuana Alter Decision-Making?

Making decisions is something people do each and every day. Marijuana can alter decision-making because it changes the way people reach, think, and move forward in their lives following a decision. Disruptions in the normal use of the brain’s ability to process contribute to increased risk for developing a problem with decision-making.

Marijuana Use

Cannabis (also named marijuana, hashish and hashish oil) is a popular recreational drug noted for potential usefulness in limited medical circumstances. Use of marijuana is fairly common among a range of age groups. The potential harms of consuming marijuana in a recreational or medicinal context can include things like:

  • Long-term reduction in ability to think clearly
  • Long-term reduction in ability to understand multi-layered information
  • Increased risks of bronchitis or respiratory ailments
  • Short-term disruption of muscle coordination and awareness of possible contribution to accidental injury
  • Increased risks for onset of psychosis-like symptoms
  • Worsening existing symptoms of psychosis

Decision-making Fundamentals

Decision-making involves a multi-part process. Specific steps in the process include things like:

  • Recognizing the need for action
  • Acquiring information to fuel the problem-solving
  • Identifying potential choices
  • Calculating pros and cons
  • Getting a plan of attack
  • Acting and reflecting on the outcome later

Impact on Decision-Making

There are many ways a person’s brain can be impacted by the use of marijuana. This includes many functions of the brain, including:

  • Heavy users of marijuana use more of the brain’s overall work capacity
  • Some people have brain-based problems with normal decision-making that increases chances of consuming more of the drug and triggering cannabis-related health issues
  • The brain overall is slower and takes longer to process information

The brain can be trained to think differently in spite of drug use, depending how heavily a person used cannabis. If a person’s brain has permanent damage or lasting changes, it may take some extra tools and resources to support proper decision-making as the individual continues growing in recovery.

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