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How Do You Find Hope in Recovery, Even When There’s No Hope for Recovery?

Recovery from an addiction seems unrealistic when your loved one is addicted to a controlled substance. At first, it’s hard to understand why they started it, why they continue to do it, and why they can’t just stop using. Eventually, your loved one’s addiction consumes your life – you constantly worry when the phone rings, you have an overwhelming sadness because they are not themselves anymore, and you grieve their absence as if they are no longer here, although their body is still alive. There is an ache in your heart and you feel completely hopeless.

However, there is hope in recovery. Even when it seems like the point of no return, recovery is possible and happens every day to many people. The last thing an addicted loved one wants to hear is someone nagging that they need to stop using drugs or alcohol. Most likely, they already know they have a problem and even if they are listening, they’re probably under the influence at that moment. They also might not think they have a problem and have it under control.

A planned intervention with loved ones in the presence of a counselor or mediator, will allow you to express your feelings without interruption. The person with the addiction will most likely not want to be there or not want to listen and become hostile. On the other hand, there is a chance they want help and will commit to recovery. If it doesn’t happen right away, recovery is possible and having an intervention can be the beginning of the end.

If your addicted loved one rejects a treatment opportunity, don’t give up. Positive gestures and verbal reinforcements are important and help to encourage recovery. There is a fine line between being supportive and being an enabler. Learn the difference and avoid enabling your loved one’s addiction. They can easily relapse and fall back into the life of using again.

There is hope for recovery, but everyone must be willing to be supportive and help your loved one in the process. Help in a mindful way – comment on the small steps taken for recovery, because to your addicted loved one, even one day can feel like years. Every single day is a struggle, but it’s one more day closer to living substance free.  

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