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How Do I Support my Loved One in Recovery?

When supporting an addict in recovery, it is helpful to remain positive and non-judgmental to encourage an addicted person on their path to recovery. Supporting a person in recovery is not the same as enabling them to continue using. Recovery takes time and a person with an addiction must want to make a change in their lives.

Although family and friends want to help, nobody can force a person into recovery; the addict must want to get the help they need. Recovery is a lifelong process. Staying sober is a huge commitment. Supporting an addicted loved one in recovery requires a lot of love, reinforcement, and motivation to live substance-free.

It can be hard for loved ones to understand the intensity of the constant craving from addiction. The addicted person has an overwhelming feeling for the need to use drugs or alcohol. Sometimes this need can cause the addict to do just about anything to get the high they crave. The feeling challenges the person with an addiction all day, every day which is why recovery truly is one day at a time.

Having a positive support system is crucial and helpful in many ways. People take different paths on the road to recovery. Treatment is not “one size fits all” or packaged the same for everyone. Treatment plans are tailored to the individual. What the addict needs is a loving, nurturing, and supportive network of people who care and encourage them to stay sober.

Family and friends can easily pass judgment on their addicted loved one, but that is counter-productive to supporting their loved one in recovery. Positive reinforcement and encouragement play an important role in helping the addict in recovery. It takes determination for the addicted person to live a sober life.

Just because a person is in recovery does not mean the cravings they once had are gone. A person in recovery can easily slip back into the lifestyle they are trying to change. That’s why it is important to be motivational and commend your addicted loved one for their effort to stay sober. Support, influence, and love will help steer the addicted individual in the right direction on their path to recovery.

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