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How Do I Stop Selling Myself Short in Relationships?

How Do I Stop Selling Myself Short in Relationships?

Everyone who is alive on this planet has had relationships of some kind or another. They are the most difficult, and wonderful, experiences people can have. It is difficult to find people who say they have never had a bad relationship because it happens to everyone in friendship, dating, and life in general. However, there are ways that you may be selling yourself short and setting yourself up for some challenges in relationships. Find out if you are selling yourself short and how to get a better handle on doing things better.

You Don’t Deserve Better

One of the ways people sell themselves short is by not believing they deserve better than what they currently have in front of them. There are many times in relationships where you can become the fixer for everything, trying to make it all work while the other person gives nothing back in return. Usually, your pride and ego get in the way of really letting yourself believe you deserve better. It can even lead to letting yourself get involved in an abusive, emotionally neglectful, harmful, and even dangerous relationship that can damage you for a very long time. Until you recognize that you are settling for less, you may not seek to get out of the toxic relationship.

No Other Option

Another way that people sell themselves short in many types of relationships is believing there is no other option than to stick with that person. Whether it is a friend, partner, or even a close family member or relative, it is human nature to want to stick by someone with whom we have invested so much time and energy. It takes a lot to pursue relationships, but only a short time, it seems, to let it fizzle out. Sometimes we stick around longer in a relationship simply because it seems like ‘the right thing to do,’ or we feel there is no other worldly option available to us. This is simply not true, and doing so can be detrimental to our health. We can compromise our ideals, our time, our energy, and even our sanity trying to keep a relationship alive that is no longer good for us just because we don’t think we will find something better on the other side.

Often, when we think of ourselves as unlovable, we believe that we are not worth anything better than what we have in that moment. If that loved one struggles with addiction, we may believe we have to stick it out with them to the very end. Sometimes we are the ones struggling with addiction and other issues because we think we have to compromise ourselves to save the rest of humanity. When we finally realize that we have to practice self care and get with the program, we end up finally believing in our own power to deserve good, healthy relationships that give as well as take and honor all parts of ourselves, and not because it gives something back to them.

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