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How Do I Stop Self-Loathing in Recovery?

How Do I Stop Self-Loathing in Recovery?

Once  you make a decision to get sober, it is a tough battle to get up the hill of recovery. It all depends on your expectations of the experience how hard it appears to be or how easy. If you convince yourself it will be hard, it will be more difficult than if you just let it be what it will be. When you learn to stop hating yourself for your past mistakes, you begin a new step in the healing journey.

First Step

Sobriety opens the door to a whirlwind of emotions. This includes feelings and insecurities you may have numbed and closed off years ago. When they resurface they may be painful to address so you’re forced to look at them without the escape hatch (addiction) open. While this realization of seeing your past for what it is may bring clarity, it may also bring up other negative emotions like shame, guilt, and self-hatred.


Hating yourself and addiction is common in the initial stages of recovery. Whether it is reliving past behavior towards a loved one or regretting the pain addiction caused, self-hatred will eat you up. Once you acknowledge the powerful emotion of hate, you can work to eradicate it from your personal vocabulary. If it is not dealt with properly, these feelings can eventually manifest into physical problems and ultimately lead to relapse.

Letting Go

Recognize your feelings for what they are: the past. The past does not belong in the present and future as it relates to your mistakes and addictive behaviors. Sure, you need to look at it and cultivate some forgiveness and grace around the past but it does not mean you should harp on it within your own mind so much you begin to truly hate yourself. Being actively involved in recovery is key to moving forward and letting go. Talking it out with those who are in your life and support you will help make amends. There are other ways to boost self-worth and lessen feelings of ill-will towards yourself. Healing can begin, only after hatred is let go. Be kind to yourself because if you don’t love yourself first, nobody else will, either.

There is no easy answer as to how to release the self-loathing you may feel regarding your addictive past and recovery. One thing that helps is to realize you are not alone and you can also not change anything in the past. You can only do better today, with what you have, and with what you know how to do now. When you start moving forward from that point, you begin to heal.

Addiction is a challenging issue to breakthrough but when you ask for help, it starts the process. Serenity is here to help you deal with addiction and the layers of issues you face. We help you navigate difficult emotions like self-loathing in a safe space. Let us help you heal from addiction. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401