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How Do I Reclaim My Health in Recovery?

How Do I Reclaim My Health in Recovery?

Taking back your physical health can feel like a challenge when you are trying to repair lots of damage done over a number of years. Your body has to undergone a process from detox to recovery that helps you re-learn how to function in this new (sober) body. Learn some tips for how to heal your body in recovery and nourish it back to health.


Taking care of your mental health is the only option you have in recovery. Neglecting to care for your mental health can be a recipe for quick disaster. It helps to have a support system in place, to cut out any negative relationships that may lead you back down an unhealthy path. Recovery is the first step to a happier life, but it has many challenges. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help when you are struggling. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Get into group and individual counseling
  • Keep discovering yourself with mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation
  • Get to the root of addiction with a counselor who can support your journey
  • Marriage and family counseling with loved ones can help bring everyone in on the journey so you can travel the path together
  • Practice positive thinking and stay connected to positive people


Taking back your physical health is not just about repairing damage from addiction. Your body goes through detox and has to re-learn how to function sober. It is important to nurture your body in sobriety, to help it heal by giving it nourishment that helps it grow stronger.  Some ways to embrace this new body and move towards health include:

  • Switching out salty, fried foods for steamed veggies made at home
  • Give yourself lots of fruit and protein
  • Commit to three meals a day with healthy snacks in between
  • Drop the soda and sugary drinks in favor of water
  • Take some cooking classes to learn how to shop, prep, and cook meals that will be healthy and fit your lifestyle


Plenty of things about addiction recovery will, quite frankly, stink, but you will never get anywhere with a stinky attitude. Even if you don’t want to do some things, it will help you in the end. In addition to healthy eating and exercise, it helps to make sure you are making time for things you enjoy that lift your spirits. Some ways to do that might include:

  • Finding a new hobby
  • Returning to an old hobby you haven’t done in awhile but love
  • Be aware of limitations that might put recovery at risk (playing music in bars, for example)
  • Embrace creative expression like journaling, painting, sculpture, dance, or other means to connect to yourself

If you are serious about reclaiming your life and health after substance use, it is possible. Make self care a priority and seek support for your journey. The sober path will challenge all of your senses and your entire body. It is worth it to know you are living the healthiest life you’ve ever lived.

We know at Serenity recovery is hard on your mind, body, and spirit. That is why we take recovery with a holistic approach. If you are in need of help to get sober, we will help you focus on the resources and programs you need to get motivated now and for years to come. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401