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How Do I Make It Through Cravings?

Everyone experiences cravings, but craving a shot of heroin is a much more serious issue than one for chocolate. Cravings for an alcoholic or addict could mean life or death. Unfortunately, we all experience them at one point or another, which is why you need to have an arsenal of weapons to fight them off. Below are a few suggestions, and as you progress in your recovery, you will find what works best:

  1. Ride the Wave – Instead of trying to push the craving away, acknowledge it for what it is, and accept it as such. It might help to verbalize what you are thinking and feeling. For instance, ‘I really want to use right now. I’m uncomfortable, anxious, my heart is racing…” Keep describing what is going on until the urge passes. This practice helps you realize that a craving is only a feeling, it won’t kill you, and it won’t last forever.
  2. Avoid Triggers – Know what your triggers are, and do what you can to avoid them. It won’t always be possible, so have strategies in place so you know what to do when they happen.
  3. Talk to Someone – Cravings tend to dissipate when they hit the air. Meaning, when you talk about them, they lose their power. Call a friend or sponsor, and/or share in a meeting; just don’t keep it to yourself because it will escalate.
  4. Find Hobbies – Most of us didn’t have hobbies before, and now you can. Find things you enjoy, such as cooking, the gym, movies, swimming, reading, cards, videogames, or painting. Idle hands and boredom are not good in early recovery; your disease is constantly looking for a way to fill your time with things that will kill you, so fight back and find hobbies.
  5. Take Care of Yourself – If you are caring for your body by eating well and exercising, you are less likely to want to put drugs or alcohol in it. On top of that, self-care strengthens your mind which helps create a stronger mental defense.




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