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How Do I Learn To Moderate My Life?

If you are an addict or an alcoholic, you more than likely know that moderating our alcohol and drug intake doesn’t work for our kind. We’re not like other people who can have one beer at the game or do some coke at a party and not think about or touch it again. The terms “addiction” and “moderation” don’t even belong in the same sentence. For those of us who have the disease of addiction, learning how to moderate other areas of our lives has also proved challenging.

Addicts and alcoholics are prone to being a group of people who are either all-in, or not at all. We overdo things; we may push ourselves way too hard at the gym, or eat way too much ice cream. Why? Because, in our line of thinking, if a little is good, more must be better. We do life like we do drugs, and when we get sober we have to learn to take it easy. For instance you may have to pull your back out a few times before realizing that maybe you should lower the weight on your deadlifts. Or, you may have to vomit a couple times to realize that a couple pints of Ben & Jerry’s just isn’t working for you.

We are a work in progress, and every little step we make begins to add up. Asking for help and checking-in to detox is the first step, and treatment is the next. The tools you learn in treatment will prepare you for managing and moderating life, on life’s terms. You will learn healthy coping skills, rather than going overboard as you have in the past.

Recovery is an adventure, and it’s one with ups and downs, ins and outs. It’s a learning process, and we discover our limits and boundaries, likes and dislikes. What works for you now, might not work for you later. These are all things you will discover about yourself now that you’re of clear mind and body.

If you are ready to take the first step toward the rest of your life, give us a call. The sooner you make to decision to change, the sooner your life will take on a whole different meaning. Recovery is possible, and your journey can begin today.

Detox is a beginning and an end. As the beginning of a new life in recovery and the end of an era of pain caused by addiction, making the choice to attend clinical detox needn’t be a complicated one. The Serenity Detox Recovery Center at the Encino Hospital Medical Center offers safe and comfortable residential detox with modern amenities and an environment that feels like home. Start the process today. Call us at: 866.294.9401