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How Do I Know Which Form of Meditation is Right for Me?

Meditation is an ancient tradition, practiced the world over. It is through meditation, we can reduce stress, focus on intentions, and find inner peace. It is less about faith and more about mindfulness, an awareness of how we are in the world. Meditation is a very grounded practice but it can take time to find the right form for you. Try these different techniques to see which one (or few) suit your personal style.

Spiritual Meditation

This meditation is practiced in Eastern religions as well as Western Christian traditions. It may or may not include prayer throughout the practice. Self-reflection is key as well as silence. The focus is on self awareness and self actualization. Knowing oneself, a person can better know the world and care for others with kindness.

Mindfulness Meditation

This is very popular right now in the Western culture. It originates from Buddhism and focuses on understanding our personal reality right now. We can observe our mind as wanderers, then accept the thoughts. The breath is important to focus on, keeping it nice and steady throughout the practice to bring a sense of calm and peace in the present moment.

Movement Meditation

This can actually be a lot of fun. Movement meditation can be done during yoga, tai chi, or other forms of martial arts. It is a commitment to moving which expands awareness of the body in space. Gardening and nature walks are also forms of this.

Focused Meditation

Using the five senses, a person might sit and focus on what they are doing at that present moment. Focused and intentional eating or exercising can help keep the mind and body from  distraction.

These techniques are just a few of the ways you might consider adding meditation into your daily life. It can help reduce stress, inflammation in the body, and provide a clearing space for you to think more openly about your life and place in the universe. Why not give a few of them a try, grab some friends, and experience something new. Go to a tai chi class, attend a yoga practice, or visit a center which offers different forms of meditation. You might just find one you like that resonates enough to help calm your mind and bring more focus to your life.

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