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How Do I Find the Beauty of Living Sober After Addiction?

How Do I Find the Beauty of Living Sober After Addiction?

Living for each day is important in recovery from addiction. You may be tempted to fall back into relapse when your sole focus becomes the negative forces in your life from the past or present and only seeing the negative. There are worries that your life won’t compare to what it was before, that life was lived to the full and there were good times (even if there were also bad). The whole idea alcohol magnifies how awesome life is probably is the biggest lie of all. When you refuse to believe that alcohol or drugs make your life awesome, you can finally start seeing the beauty of sobriety.

Sober is Beautiful

Many people start drinking or using drinks in their teens, but some start in college or later. No matter where you start, your mind and body become wired for the sensation of it. The longer you are free from alcohol, the more you start to realize just how much your body was taken over by it. Oftentimes, people drink to try and intensify an event or experience, much the same with drugs. It is like feeling so much more is better than feeling less, or nothing at all. The focus and intensity on having such extreme experiences can actually dull the sense over time. You get use to such high highs and low lows you are not sure what balance is anymore. There is real, true beauty in sobriety. It takes some getting used to, but it is wonderful and amazing to experience the stillness, slowness, and relaxed feeling of not being jittery or wound up after drinking or using drugs.

All in Moderation

One of the things people with addiction in recovery are not able to do is deal with drinking or using drugs ‘in moderation.’ Some people can have a glass of wine and be fine. If you are in recovery from alcoholism, you know that you are not one of those people. The struggle with finding beauty in recovery comes from knowing who you are, not who you are not. There are plenty of things you are not, so don’t try to be like that. Focus on knowing you can do many other things well, and in moderation (like watch a fave show on television) but life can still be beautiful even if you cannot have just one drink or smoke one cigarette.

Finding what is beautiful about sobriety takes patience and determination. You can start by:

  • Staying present. Remind yourself what you love about your life now, not the hard stuff
  • Keep a journal. Write what you are grateful for and go back to it when you need a reminder
  • Keep accountability partners on speed dial to remind you of simple things that are beautiful
  • Practice self care. Save up and splurge on getting your hair done, nails polished, or a few pieces of clothing. Taking care of yourself will help you see the world in a new light
  • Release expectations of what should be and learn to be satisfied with the progress you’ve made thus far, and will continue to make
  • Set goals so you can see what you’re striving for. Celebrate victories when they happen.

Recovery is a journey of a thousand steps. In order to find beauty, you have to trudge through some challenges, but it is possible to overcome them. Noticing beauty takes focus. Let us help you get your focus back where it belongs: on recovery and health. We provide a safe space to heal. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401