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How Do I Cope with Change in Addiction Recovery?

How Do I Cope with Change in Addiction Recovery?

Change is defined differently by different people. It may be defined as the act of making or becoming different. Those are small words for an often series of tumultuous acts. Change can be sudden and unexpected. No matter how much we plan for change, it can throw people for a loop. Anxiety and fear can take over. Change is strange but it can be dealt with in recovery.

Change is Strange

Getting people to change long standing habits of behavior is difficult. Probably one of the most challenging things to do. Change is strange, and it is hard. Attachment is one way in which people find it difficult to change. They become attached to one way or notion of doing things and find the experience to be bittersweet. They learn lots of new things and find saying goodbye hard.

Getting Through Change

Working through changes in life is one of the hardest but most rewarding things to do. Especially in recovery, it is about finally saying enough is enough and finding tools for recovery that support making positive changes, little by little, one step at a time in all areas of life. This includes:

  • Building empathy
  • Establishing new routines
  • Exercise
  • Meetings
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Peer support

The best way to combat change head on is to do something different. It takes 60-90 days to make a change and it only starts when you begin with one step. When trying to adjust, adapt, or learn so many things, the neurons fire and new attachments are made. It helps to find ways of addressing change that focus on the positive. Through this, wisdom is gained that can help others along the journey.

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