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How Do I Cope When Fear of Slipping is Ruining My Sobriety?

How Do I Cope When Fear of Slipping is Ruining My Sobriety?

The fear of missing out has been all over the news lately. It is about how people are doing things to avoid missing out on all the other awesome things out there, which is quite a challenge. The fear of slipping up is another way people get stuck in fear that make sobriety harder than it has to be. Learn how to cope with what feels like endless ways to be anxious about sobriety and start living with a better mindset.

Let Go of Fear

Although relapse is always on the horizon, or so it seems, it is not inevitable that it will happen to you. There are ways to set yourself up for success, notice warning signs, and redirect course. This can happen without having to sacrifice your whole existence of walking on eggshells. Some ways to do that include:

  • Trust your own strength. When you feel weak and controlled by fear, make a list of obstacles that you’ve overcome. You are strong enough to handle whatever comes your way and it helps you recognize you have more tools to work with than you realize.
  • Celebrate progress every step of the way. Even if it feels like all you’ve done is fail, it helps to notice where you have been successful and made some steps forward in recovery. Rather than concentrate on fear, make space for positive energy to enter your life and thoughts.
  • Make a plan. List all of the tools and coping mechanisms that helped you recover. Be prepared to implement them again at the first sign of a setback. Have a plan in place so you feel more ready and prepared to take it on in case relapse happens. Plan for the inevitable but don’t think of it as an eventuality that will happen.

The fear of slipping up can really ruin sobriety for you if you are willing to let it take over your thoughts and mindset. The key is to focus on what is good and what is going right for you. Celebrate progress and recognize that you are doing great, hard work, but it is necessary to keep you moving forward. It may seem at times like you are not getting anywhere. Perhaps you will feel a bit like you are taking one step forward, two steps back. The thing to remember is that you are making small steps towards larger goals. Get realigned with those goals in group meetings, counseling sessions, or with a trusted advisor who can help you realize you are further along than you think. Even if you slip up, that is okay because you can get back up and try again. Being released of fear helps you move forward with a healthy mindset focused on recovery for the long haul.

It can be hard to focus on how to get well when you feel like addiction is the only thing you see. If you are struggling to get past addiction, and need some help, Serenity will provide a safe environment for you to detox and recover. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401