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How Can I Stop Being at War with Myself?

How Can I Stop Being at War with Myself?

Sometimes it can feel like world war three inside your own head, battling the past, demons, addiction, and trauma. The external war that rages on may be our fault, if we choose to spend time zoning out with television and smartphone entertainment instead of true relationships, and focus on why others are not measuring up to our standards. Blaming ourselves is not always going to get us anywhere. In fact, it can be detrimental to being able to admit blame where it needs to be placed (with us or elsewhere), offer forgiveness, and move forward.

Blame Game

The blame we place on ourselves does not have to be filled with shame, simply because we are at fault. There is such a thing as being the change you wish to see in the world, which sounds corny, but change does start from within each person. Change is dynamic, fluid, and we as humans get to be as flexible (or inflexible) as we like. In order to make the shift we want from feeling wounded to offering grace and kindness to others, we have to learn how to stop being at war with ourselves (and the world) so we can heal and move on.

Call a Truce

In order to make the shift that is needed, we need to let go of our wounded psyche. We must go within and ask ourselves very hard questions:

  • How am i still at work with myself
  • How is the world still at war with me
  • How am i still at war with the world

To be the change, we must keep bringing everything back to ourselves. The war is not out there, although it can feel that way at times. The true war is within each of us which means we have the power to call a truce and set things right. We can do this by:

  • Setting things right within ourselves first
  • Letting go of victim mentality (“It’s all about me”)
  • Get off social media or use it less often
  • Understanding the delicate nature of our internal landscape
  • Honor our own truth (painful as it may be) and understand others are suffering too
  • Offer and practice forgiveness everyday
  • Find community to wander through this experience together

Doing life alone is not how humans were created. Animals are generally created to support and engage each other. Behind our thoughts and feelings is a person who wants to be loved, accepted, and cherished for who they are. When you honor yourself this way, you begin to see others in the same light and stop feeling like the victim (self blame) then blame others and thus keep the cycle of war ongoing into perpetuity. Change starts with one person, so why not let it start with yourself.

Serenity helps you develop your inner peace and experience self love. This is often the key to letting go of addiction and healing trauma. Along with medication, therapy, and holistic practices, Serenity has the right combination of support to help you achieve your goals in recovery. Sobriety is one step away. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401