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How Can I Recover My Self Esteem After Addiction?

Healthy self-esteem requires hard work. It is often an issue when you are struggling to find solid ground that you are not sure how to get back to feeling strong and healthy. Take some time to strategize how to get your mojo back if you want to stay sober and clean.

Positive Affirmations

Using ‘I am’ statements can be really beneficial for you in recovery if your self-esteem is flagging. Put them on a recipe card and tape it to your mirror. You may not want to believe it at first but you will eventually believe in what it says and do the work of letting it sink in.

Get Quiet

If you can learn to shut off your mind, you can divorce the chatter so you can find some positive, healing thoughts. Quiet time is good for the soul, to rest and find peace.


Writing things down can be really helpful. You may not realize how far down the rabbit hole you’ve gone until you write things out. Get good thoughts and negative ones out. Set some goals, dream, and then dream some more. Don’t let negative words have the final say.

Get Help

Outside help can be really beneficial. You need a ‘trusted confidant,’ whom you can confide in. one you respect and admire, who has walked and come out in sunshine. It may help to find someone you know or like well and respect their journey.

Give Credit

You need to give yourself credit for being where you are, who you are, and for what you have accomplished. Don’t undersell yourself simply because you don’t feel like a success at the moment. Life happens, there are ups and downs. Maybe this is a down right now but you will be able to right size yourself and get back up on your feet again.

Set Small Goals

Baby steps will carry you on a journey forward that begins with a first step. When you hit a goal, give yourself a reward. This can be a small pat on the back, a new journal, a new book or music you really like. You were born with a purpose and that is positive. We have something to offer the world and you are doing your part in it. Don’t sell yourself short. Set goals, hit those markers, and dream about what you want to achieve in sobriety.

Setting goals is key to happiness and health in sobriety. Without goals it is hard to find our way out of the darkness. If you are struggling in the dark, call us. We have trained counselors, programs, and services designed to help you detox, get clean, and set yourself up for success in recovery. We will help you find what you need. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964