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How Can I Make Sacrifices While Staying Sober (and Sane)?

When you enter recovery, it can feel like the entire world has shifted on its axis and you are plopped in the middle of a new planet. It seems foreign, everyone around you seems changed, but really the only person who has changed is you. Sobriety is not about what you give up, but what you take in and how you manage your expectations early in recovery. It is possible to make some sacrifices and keep your sanity in check. It’s all about how you play the game of recovery.

Embrace It

The worst thing you can do in recovery is hold onto your past life. You are in a new season of life, things are changing, and it can feel easier to cling to what you know rather than accept the changes. It takes time, but embracing this new life will help you move forward. You are clean and sober now, which is to be celebrated. At the same time, you might feel like you’ve sacrificed a lot to be here. You may have done that, but at the same time, you won’t get anywhere without sacrifice.

Saying Goodbye

A large part of sober living is learning how to say goodbye. By that, goodbye means see you later to prior behavior, which can include people in your past life who were part of that life. Friends and sometimes family need to be separated to be successful in recovery. If people were bad influences in your life, then you will want to let go of them so you can be more successful in recovery.

Old Haunts

There are aspects other than family and friends that may have to be sacrificed for sobriety. Old haunts in the bars and clubs may be tough to revisit without a drink in hand. Don’t let fear hold you back from letting go of old places that kept you stuck in addiction. Now is the time to sacrifice those to save your sobriety.

Letting go is a process that takes times. At any time, relapse can happen. Saying goodbye to everything can feel like the world is coming to an end. This is not the case, your world is just getting started. It is going to be bigger, brighter, and better than ever. It starts with sacrificing the old you for the new you, the one who finally says enough is enough and sobriety is your new path. Hold on to your loved ones who support you and take the new journey step by step. The rest will fall into place.

Don’t fear letting go, it is how life works best. When you are ready to recover from addiction and move forward with your life, call us. We will help you get focused on sobriety. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964