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How Can I Make More Positive Choices in Recovery?

How Can I Make More Positive Choices in Recovery?

The word ‘choose’ is a great word to wake up each day thinking about. Each day, there are hundreds of choices to make. People have choices for how to respond. Maybe it is screaming and yelling, waving their hands, or perhaps it is with calmer, more measured tones. Learning to make positive choices in recovery requires stepping back to think through the steps and figure out the best way forward.

Choose Dignity

Dignity is defined as a ‘way of appearing or behaving that suggests seriousness and self-control’ the quality of being worthy of honor or respect.’ When people are faced with tough choices, they can choose dignity over addiction by remaining on the pathway of recovery. It helps to ask:

  • Will this choice become a risk for relapse, jail, relationship failure, or even death?
  • Will this choice allow for living with respect and honor?
  • Will this choice cause loss of self-control?

Smile in Face of Addiction

People who suffer from addiction and mental illness are first, and foremost, a person. People may ask what it takes to feel happy in recovery, but the answer is both simple and complicated. Smiling on purpose takes focus and determination to not let the ups and downs of life keep a person down. Smiling on days when it is hard, feeling grief, or even in the midst of extreme pain can actually have physiological benefits. The mind will follow how the body feels so if a person smiles, it can boost their mood and make them feel better, even if life is not going their way at the moment.

Self-Belief is Key

Making better choices starts with believing in the power of making good choices that can lead to other good things. Self-belief is key to making this work. This includes knowing:

  • The past is gone. There is no going back or ‘do-overs.’ Make better choices today instead of regret yesterday.
  • The future is not here yet. The future is a result of choices made in the present, so focus on those today.
  • Present is powerful. It is where a person can make powerful choices to create the rest of a person’s life.
  • Stop referring to oneself as ‘an addict.’ This term can be self-limiting around the beliefs a person has about themselves and their abilities. Instead, redefine the self as more capable than seems possible.

When a person focuses on their personal power, they are less likely to focus on what limits them, rather than the things that hold them back. Making good choices is about deciding what is going to work best and moving towards those choices each day.

We will help you make better choices in recovery. If you are struggling with addiction, we are here to help guide your steps with detox and rehab. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401