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How Can I Learn to Manage My Anger Better?

How Can I Learn to Manage My Anger Better?

Learning how to leave anger behind can be a challenge for anybody, especially when it seems there are endless triggers. Anger is often misunderstood and vilified, but it only serves a purpose in certain circumstances. Anger can cause people to do many things, including use substances. Learn how to better manage your anger if you want to find a pathway out of addiction.

What Anger Is

When it comes down to it, anger is just an emotion. A pure, simple emotion which comes out of feeling frustrated. It can range from mild frustration to intense rage. Feeling anger is not wrong, it is very healthy. However, it can get people into trouble when it is misdirected or created as a maladaptive behavior.

Anger Management

You have the power to break your habit by growing awareness of the triggers for your anger, including negative consequences that follow anger. The following strategies can help you manage your anger more effectively:

  • Practice deep breathing by counting to certain numbers
  • Focus on breathing
  • Breathe in and out quietly and intentionally
  • Use personal mantras including ‘i am calm,’ or ‘this will pass’ to help repeat positive, affirming statements
  • Challenge self-defeating thoughts for when you feel angry. This will help reframe anger-causing circumstances
  • Engage in hobbies and self-care that help you feel less stressed

Additional Tips

When you are feeling angry, it can help to have some steps to support you mentally while you focus on lowering the stress response. This can include:

  • Identification of the problem causing conflict
  • Identification of the feelings
  • Identification of the impact it may have on you and others
  • Deciding whether to resolve the conflict
  • Taking proactive steps to help resolve the problem and conflict

Learning to manage your anger is possible with the right tips and tools. When you have proactive, positive tools you will feel better about going out into the world of recovery and being focused on how to mindfully support yourself through difficult situations that will arise.

Anger management is possible with the right tips and resources. Serenity can help you find the right tools to manage your anger in recovery to be more successful. Let us help you recover from addiction and seek the resources you need to keep you clean and sober. We will help you find what you need. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401