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How Can I Help My Loved One Recover?

Loving an addict or an alcoholic isn’t easy. Addiction tears families apart every single day, always leaving a wake of destruction in its path. Sometimes, friends and family members will wash their hands clean of the individual with the disease. Then, there are those who stick around, hoping for a miracle that their loved one will somehow make it out alive. For those of you still standing, we applaud you. We know it isn’t easy. We also know how important the love and support of loved ones is in a person’s recovery. The following are a few ways you can help your loved one recover from addiction:

  1. Listen – Sometimes, an ear is all we need. Venting and talking it out is a key part of recovery; and sometimes, we just need someone who is willing to listen and even offer a little compassion.
  2. Stay Hopeful and Patient – Never lose hope. Miracles happen everyday, and people from all walks of life can recover.
  3. Attend a Support Group or Counseling Sessions – Take care of yourself, first and foremost. We can’t support others very well if we’re on shaky ground.
  4. Stop Enabling – This can be difficult, but it is the best thing you can do for an addict or alcoholic. They may not like it, but set boundaries and stick to them.
  5. Communicate Your Needs – This also comes down to boundaries. Try to keep two-way communication open so that you both know your expectations of the other.
  6. Acceptance Without Judgment – Criticism and negativity do nothing to promote sobriety. Your loved one has a disease, and the more support they have, the easier it is to stay in recovery.
  7. Make Your Home Substance-Free – An addict or alcoholic’s home should be safe. Having drug paraphernalia and alcohol around the house isn’t the best idea for people in recovery. Like ice cream, if there’s none in the freezer, you’re less likely to have a bowl. Out of sight, out of mind—it’s not always the case with addiction, but it helps.

Recovery doesn’t happen alone. If you are struggling, give us a call. The Serenity Recovery Center offers medically-assisted detox that will move you into sobriety safely and comfortably. You are not alone, and you never have to feel this way again. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at 844-339-6964. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Don’t put your health and your happiness on hold any longer. You can do this. Call us today.