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How Can I Help a Loved One Come Back From Relapse?

Finding a way to relieve pain and suffering is nothing new for people with addiction. In fact, everyone finds coping mechanisms to deal with pain, it’s how the human mind and body cope with difficult situations. With addiction, it takes time to unlearn old habits and learn new ones that focus on positive strategies for dealing with life’s challenges. Sometimes relapse happens, it’s a reality of addiction. There are some ways to support a loved one who relapses in a positive and affirming way that can help them get back on their feet again.


Sometimes you just want to do what feels good in the moment because things feel so hard right now. When your self-esteem is lowest and confidence is nowhere to be found, it can be easy to try and find the nearest outlet for your pain. What helps the most is if a person would just sit and listen to you talk about it. A loved one who takes time to listen can offer the most compassionate response to relapse which is: i hear you, i see you, you are still loved no matter what.


No Affirmations

There is a time and place for positive thinking and affirmations. While it can be helpful for some people, in some circumstances, it can just set a person off who has already gone over the edge. Positive thinking can make matters worse because it makes the other person feel like they should just adjust their thinking to get on track again. There are many factors that play into relapse, so leave the positive thinking stuff behind for the time being and just be present with them.

Find Hope

There are little signs of hope that can keep you alive in a moment when you feel like your world has crumbled. A loved one who relapses desperately needs help to get on their feet, but you can only do so much. Be there for them, love them unconditionally, and look for signs of hope. Look to nature, spiritual practices, or other ways to help you align with hope in your spirit as well as find rays of hope in their journey.

Let Go

You cannot control the outcome of a person’s life. If they are going down the path of addiction, they need your support, but do not enable them. Do not keep trying to pull them out of something they’re not ready to get out of themselves. When they are ready, they will seek help and get on their feet again. Until then, be present, listen, and support them. What they need now is you to show up for them and let them know you are still there, no matter what happens.

Relapse is difficult for family members who want to see their loved one fully healed. Addiction recovery is a journey made up of a thousand little steps. If your loved one is struggling, there is hope. We will help you find healing in the midst of the challenges. Call us to find out how to help yourself or a loved one come back after relapse. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964