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How Can I Be a Wellness Guru and Not Annoy My Friends in Recovery?

Learning to temper your enthusiasm in recovery can be one of the greatest gifts you can offer to others. Even if you are super excited to be on this journey of sobriety, it helps if you don’t annoy others with your over enthusiastic proclamations of how awesome life is or the newest health and wellness trends they just have to try. There are ways to be helpful to friends and share healthy tips without being obnoxious or shaming friends for not knowing what you know. Here’s some tips to help you get started.

Don’t Be Thoughtless

When sharing about your wellness journey in sobriety, take some time to think about how to be thoughtful. That means, giving the other people permission to say they’re not interested in what you have to share and asking for personal space. You don’t want to be ‘that person’ that everyone runs the other direction from because you are in people’s faces about the new diet trends, alternative health classes, or products you’re using to help you stay clean. Be mindful of others by not oversharing and give room for a little mystery to your secrets of success.

Release Shaming

Nobody likes to be shamed for not knowing something you do or trying the same things as you. Hopefully that is a lesson learned from recovery early on but some people never get the memo. Shaming others for not getting something at the same time as you is a sign of immaturity. It will definitely not be in the book of how to win friends and influence people. If you want to be an influencer, let your story speak for itself. Your life story of coming back from addiction to being healthy is a better advocate for how to live a healthy life than hitting people over the head with why they are not where you are. Everyone makes the journey at different times and in their own way, so let that be what it is and accept it.

Promote Peace

If you do nothing else in recovery from addiction, work to promote peace and harmony with your friends and loved ones. This will speak volumes as you walk through life if you can focus on creating space in your life for less anger, bitterness, fear, and anxiety. Live out what you preach by doing yoga, meditating, praying, or whatever else helps you stay clean in mind, body, and spirit. Share what works with close friends and if you want to share it more broadly, start a blog, or even a business of sharing how you overcame adversity with others who are struggling. Everyone loves a humble warrior spirit. Take what you learned about how to be healthy and happy in recovery and share it with those who can use the tips to start their journey, too. It will help keep you humble while also being in service to others.

Don’t try to stay strong if you are struggling under the weight of addiction. It is okay to admit the need for help. In fact, it’s necessary to heal and become sober. Call us and let us help you wrestle your life back from the jaws of addiction. Serenity Recovery Center believes you have the power to get well if you have the tools and resources to get there. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964