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How Can I Be a Healthy Hedonist?

How Can I Be a Healthy Hedonist?

Once you leave rehab, you may become concerned about finding joy again. How can anything possibly measure up to the fun times you used to have, you might wonder. There is plenty of things to enjoy about sobriety but perhaps you haven’t given it a try yet (or need to try a little harder). Find some tips for being a ‘healthy hedonist’ and find some fun in recovery.


When you find an exercise routine you enjoy, life can feel that much more awesome. It doesn’t all have to rely on what you get out of it, but how you feel overall. Varying it up can help, as well as finding a group or friends to do things with together. Maybe it would be fun to get out in nature and give that a try. Exercising outdoors in nature may actually help you deal with stress.


Everyone needs to eat to survive. Unfortunately, in addiction, it can be the last thing on your mind. At the very least, you may be getting most of your nutrients from alcohol that makes you feel full and not very hungry. It may be you have ravenous cravings for some sugary foods and eat all the wrong things. Whatever the challenge you face, learning to cook for yourself can help create a more balanced profile of meals. Cooking can make you savor the sight and smell of food and help you feel like you are participating in your own health.


Isolation has been found to be as bad for someone’s health as smoking. In active addiction, it can be easy to think you have so many friends but really they are not the best influence for you if they are also in active addiction. Getting sober can feel isolating when you lose all those friends. Sober friends can be fun, so find a way to go to sober parties and events to enjoy some fun without drugs.

Do Something Crazy

Even if you might think back to the wildest thing you did when you were in addiction, that is not the kind of crazy you need in your life anymore. Addiction makes you do things that are not safe (even dangerous). The brand of crazy you want in your life now is the fun, sober kind: parasailing, skydiving, trapeze jumping, clown school, or any number of wild and zany ideas you might never have tried before but would find fun to do once with friends. Why not bring other people along and have some crazy fun with them (while staying sober).

There are so many ways to enjoy sobriety and have hedonistic fun that doesn’t put you (or others) in harm’s way. Once you figure out a way to do that, you will likely feel much better about yourself and sobriety.

Serenity focuses on helping you develop relationships and goals that are healthy for you in sobriety. There are many ways to live your life sober but you want to be as healthy as possible. We will help you get there. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401