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How Are Painkillers Addictive?

How Are Painkillers Addictive?

People suffer from painkiller addiction all over the world yet it is not as well understood as some might think. This can create a lack of sympathy for the condition of addiction that creeps up on people who have legitimate prescriptions for pain. Many people who are prescribed painkillers find addiction happens before they realize it and need help.

What is Addiction

Accidental dependence on drugs is common. Even worse, when prescription pain pills can no longer be prescribed, often people will turn to other means available to them. They might even be less expensive, like heroin, but produce a similar high. Synthetic opioids are prescribed for a variety of people with medical needs. Elderly, teens, and adults having surgery are provided painkillers, as well.

How it Happens

Accidental painkiller addiction occurs when the person with addiction varies the dose amount, taking more than the doctor advises, or begins taking pills too frequently. Additionally, some people take multiple opioids at once, perhaps even more than one prescription. People of all ages are falling prey to prescription pain pill addiction. Those who are vulnerable are finding medication in household cabinets, making it easily available to pretty much anyone without knowing the full magnitude of the consequences.

Prevention of Addiction

When a doctor prescribes painkillers, a person can prevent accidental addiction a number of ways. To stay safe, it helps to take the medication only as prescribed. Only taking pills if necessary can help. When a person finishes with the painkillers, they should throw away extras. Keep prescription pills away from others, including children and teens. Young adults or other family members who may have addiction or struggled in the past should not have access to prescription medication not belonging to them.

Addiction is a challenge that can be helped by going to rehab. Pain pill addiction can easily sneak up on people but the possibility of continuing with addiction and not seeking help can challenge people to finally get help they need.

Recovery is a choice that starts with making the first decision that addiction will not have the final say. If you are ready to give up old habits and start working towards recovery, we are here to help. Our detox and recovery program helps you focus on healing mind, body, and spirit from addiction. Our medical professionals can tailor a program to suit your needs. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401