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Healthy Selfishness is Okay (Really)

Healthy Selfishness is Okay (Really)

A lot of people will tell you that being selfish is not okay, in fact, it can be damaging to your recovery. Pathological selfishness is not a wrong thing, unless you are narcissistic. Everyone needs to grab hold of their selfishness now and again and give it a good shake to get the cobwebs out. When we are too complacent and giving into everyone else (selfless), then we lose sight of who we are and our needs. Finding a healthy balance is key to being selfish, for all the right reasons.

Start with me

It may sound cliche, but we are the world. In ourselves lies the biggest opportunity to make change the world has ever seen. Everyone has potential to do great things, it is how they use the potential that matters. If we try to fix the world (help others, rid suffering) but never acknowledge our flaws and heal ourselves, we can’t possibly impact the world in a positive way. There has to be a degree of selfishness, in a way, so we can do what is right by other people in our lives. We don’t need to sacrifice ourselves, our quality of live, to help people.

A Healthy Selfishness

There really is such a thing as healthy selfishness. That does not mean we cannot help people. In fact, it feels awesome to help others, and give them what they need, but it also feels equally awesome to take care of ourselves. The only thing standing in our way seems to be how well we take care of, and manage, our own lives and expectations. If we deny that we are selfish as human beings, we deny the very core of who we are. We are all selfish to an extent. Lwe can also recognize our own well-being should be top priority if we want to offering healing to ourselves and others in this broken world.

Heal Yourself First

Don’t worry about taking care of other people, if you are in recovery from addiction, and need support. You need to take care of you. While you were in addiction that kept you from thinking about your needs, you may think you were being overly selfish. You were, but for the wrong reasons. Now you can focus on healthy, good reasons to be selfish like knowing what you need to stay sober, what friends stay and which need to be released, and knowing what you desire out of life that doesn’t include drugs or alcohol. Too often people think now you are not struggling with addiction on a daily basis, you don’t need to be selfish. The truth is healthy balance is the key. Heal yourself first, then focus on others. There is plenty of time for giving back once you realize you are ready and able to support others. Until then, be selfish and focused on your needs. Learn to give back to yourself, then you’ll be a much better giver down the road.

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