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Have Fun By Getting Creative in Recovery

Have Fun By Getting Creative in Recovery

One of the more common challenges of being in recovery is finding joy and fun, especially early on. It all seems like work, step-by-step processes, and logical thinking that is required to get better. Not everything has to be so lateral. In fact, using the creative side of the brain can help boost mood and increase the ability to have fun. Learn some tips for how to enjoy recovery (even if just a little bit).

Learn an Instrument

Nothing challenges the brain more than trying a musical instrument. Whether a person has done it in the past (as a child or teenager) or has never tried it, there is a way to make it fun for everyone. Musical instruments are not just guitars, percussion, keyboards, and brass instruments. They come in all shapes and sizes and sounds. Musical therapy can be used in conjunction with treatment for addiction so it might help to check that out if new to recovery. It is a great way to boost confidence and feels rewarding when working towards playing music a person enjoys.


Thousands of recipes, TV shows, and other means of getting access to free content on cooking seem to abound these days. Everyone is an amateur home cook looking to excel. Some tips:

  • Think about personal heritage, past, and childhood favorites
  • Use the internet to find some tips on cooking and tools of the trade
  • Join a cooking class or club to help create a means of meeting others

Self Expression

Art is not just for ‘artists,’ it is for everyone. Painting, drawing, wood carving, sculpting. These all are fun ways to engage in forms of art that everyone can enjoy. Being a person in recovery, there are many stories to tell. If a person has a big story to tell, there are means to achieve it:

  • Go to a hobby store and buy supplies
  • Join a free class to try out different types of art-making
  • Look online to see what feels inspiring
  • Go to museums, art gallery openings or other spaces to enjoy art

Art Therapy

Often thought of as a way to enter into recovery, art therapy can be good at any stage of recovery. Some artists can find a rewarding career from just inventing their own style of art-making, whether it is for monetary gain or not. Research the local area to see what kind of means there are to get creative or join an art therapy program for additional support.

Get Involved

Classes can cost money but sometimes people teach for low cost or free, at least in the beginning. Talk to friends and ask if they are doing classes. There may be other means of getting creative like dancing, adventure exploring, or other means of expression. Just by seeking it out, a person in recovery can find many ways to get involved, meet others, and explore creative expression as an outlet.

Fun Recovery Activity 5: Take a Class

When you see the word class, do you have a flashback of learning things that you had trouble finding interesting or school quizzes and exams? Well, there are thousands of subjects that you can learn after your treatment for addiction. For example, there are classes on how to become an illusionist, learn robotics, sailing, dancing, astronomy, survival, and there are hundreds upon hundreds more to choose from. Many, if not most, do not require a degree and can be found offline and online. Chances are if you have an interest in learning about something you can find a class on it!

So, there you have it, 5 creative fun activities that you can do throughout your addiction recovery to keep you busy, learning, and most importantly sober. They will truly open up doors of opportunity and perceptions while offering some gratifying experiences.

Enjoy, and let us know how one of these fun activities helped as part of or after your treatment for addiction or helped you in your recovery!

Creative outlets are a great way to express yourself and boost your mood in recovery. You may also discover ways you enjoy expressing yourself that last long-term. If you are interested in exploring recovery and all it has to offer, we are here to help you navigate that journey. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401