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Great Ways to Learn Something New in Treatment

Whether you’re new to treatment or coming back, the whole experience is an incredible learning experience. The knowledge within the center’s walls that is imparted to patients is an invaluable piece of each person’s recovery. The more you can retain, the more prepared you will be for life on the outside.

  1. Listen
     Easier said than done, try to pay attention. If you go through detox in treatment, your first week might be a little fuzzy, but afterwards, focus on listening to what you are hearing. Even if it’s outside of a lecture or group, you will continuously learn. For example, you doctor may tell you about the withdrawal timeline. For benzodiazepines, it can be weeks later. This is a good thing to know, especially if you start experiencing symptoms down the road.
  2. Ask Questions
    If you aren’t sure about something, ask. Chances are, you aren’t the only one needing clarification. Another good practice, is to write down questions when they come to you so that you can ask them later.
  3. Take Notes
    Our brains often retain information a little better if we write down what we learn. Plus, you will be able to go back through your notes if you need a refresher on topics such as codependency, anxiety and depression, and stress management.  
  4. Stick with the Winners
    Choose your treatment friends wisely. Some people are there because they want to be or know they need to be, and others are there because they are simply appeasing their loved ones. This is not to say that someone can’t stay sober if they’re only doing it to make others happy, but the chances are slim. Hang tight with people who want it for themselves.
  5. Trust the Process
    Trust that what you are doing, the things you are learning, and the way the professionals are teaching, are all there for a reason. You don’t need to know the reason, only to trust that it will all come together in support of your recovery.

Treatment is a golden opportunity to start a new life in recovery. Take it seriously, but remember to have fun, too. The relationships and bonds that are forged from treatment are like no other, and many of us will forever be grateful for having had this incredible experience. If you are ready to take the leap of faith that your life can get better, give us a call. We are here to help you move safely and comfortably into a new life in recovery.

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