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Why Ghosting May Actually Help Your Recovery

Why Ghosting May Actually Help Your Recovery

Ghosting happens when another person suddenly disappears in a dating relationship, never to be heard from or seen again. Ghosting can actually happen to anyone, by anyone, for any reason. It can feel devastating but it may actually be more beneficial to your recovery, depending on who’s ghosting whom.

Ghosting and Relationships

A person who vanishes from a group or personal relationship is called a ‘ghost,’ because they seem to vanish as suddenly as they arrived. It is one thing to ghost distant friends, and quite another to do it with close friends, inside a dating relationship, or with a long-term partner. The act of ghosting by someone else towards you can actually bring you face-to-face with yourself in a way you never imagined.

Ghosting Lessons

The act of ghosting may not make you a better person but it can teach you how to get your needs met in a more meaningful way. If you are the one ghosting others, it can leave emotional chaos in its wake. Memory is better used as a reminder of the good rather than leaving it full of regrets because you ghosted people who cared about you. Stuff happens, relationships get complicated, and emotional connections can get disrupted. The hard times are actually what can fracture relationships and make ghosting seem like a good option but we may lose out on something better in the meantime.

Ghosting Offline

Sometimes people just need to unplug and get away. Social media feels like being plugged into the world all times of day and night. Ignoring loved ones to stick your nose in social media all the time can actually do more harm than good to real relationships, even if you don’t recognize it. However, it matters how you jump offline. People you care about with whom you’ve cultivated careful relationships have vested interest in how you are doing. Human decency suggests you take care when just jumping offline and ghosting people you’ve met on social media.

Why it Happens

Ghosting can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling unable to end a relationship that isn’t working
  • Feeling empty
  • Feeling like we reached our limit
  • Needing a break
  • Stalled relationship
  • Fear of disconnection

Ghosting is actually a response to complex emotional needs. Relationships are tough but some of the best lessons come from actually staying put to ride out the hard stuff. Toughing things out can bring deeper awareness and transformative love.

If you want to do yourself a favor in recovery, think about the people in your life that are not working for you. The things you are doing that don’t work and what you no longer need to hold onto. This may be when ghosting works in your favor. Dropping out of the people groups and places you used to haunt as a person with addiction is not a bad thing-it may actually save your life. Do what feels right for you, but keep others in mind so that you aren’t leaving more destruction in your wake as you ghost out the door.

Recovery is a challenge. Whether you’re new or a seasoned pro, everyone needs a tune up once in awhile. A reminder that addiction is still trying to have the last say even when you tell it no. If you need help in recovery or are trapped in addiction, we will help you loose the chains and get free. We have detox, programs, and services ready to help you take the next step. Contact us 24/7 at our toll-free number to get started: 844-339-6964