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Getting Sober In Your 20s Isn’t The Worst

They say that your 20s are supposed to be the best years of your life. Society makes excuses for excessive drug and alcohol use during this time period, as if being a 20-something-year-old means you should act crazy and perpetually be under the influence. Binge drinking is glorified and blacking out is seen as an accomplishment. What if there was something better out there than rampant drug/alcohol use? What if that something better was the opposite of what you thought it would bet? What if the greatest experience in your 20s is sobriety?

Sobriety in your 20s means full-bellied, childlike laughs from actual events, like burps from too much soda or going too high on the swings, rather than alcohol or drug-induced antics. It’s that moment when you can look your best friend in the eye and ask for help, instead of passively making a joke about yourself in hopes that they will get the message. Being sober in your 20s means riding waves of life, even when they are hard. That means not selling out to substances because it’s easier to cope that way.

Being sober in your 20s means waking up without a hangover. It can mean better sleep, improved relationships, and even weight loss. In your 20s, sobriety means facing your fears at a dinner party, rather than drowning in alcohol due to social anxiety. Being a sober 20-something is a great for saving money, because you’re not spending it on drugs or alcohol. Drinking is no longer a requirement for friendship. You can build friendships much richer friendships, based on who you are deep inside, not how you act when you’re under the influence. When your world is no longer colored by the fuzzy familiarity of drugs or alcohol pumping through your body, you can live life on life’s terms and be honest with yourself.

Your 20s are about building a foundation for your future–starting a career, saving money, kindling a romantic relationship, getting into physical shape, going to school, exploring your spirituality/religion, and more. It’s difficult to lay the groundwork of your 20s if you’re living life through the lens of addiction. Your possibilities diminish; the future doesn’t seem very bright when your daily life is spent chasing down the next drink or drug.

However, there is a solution: addiction recovery.The gift of recovery is like opening a never-ending present. Physical sobriety is just one part of that present. The gift keeps on giving and you get things like emotional intimacy, vulnerability, joy, self-esteem, authenticity, and more.  Recovery is not an easy, linear path; it is filled with ups and downs, as well as unique challenges. Nevertheless, the work of recovery is what makes life rewarding.

If you are ready to start your journey to recovery, we invite you to call The Serenity Recovery Center for information on a private clinical detox option: 866.294.9401