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What Are Six Fears in Recovery and Can I Get Rid of Them?

What Are Six Fears in Recovery and Can I Get Rid of Them?

Fear is normal at any stage of recovery. Everyone enters rehab with some trepidation, even if they have been in and out of treatment. Most people leave rehab full of worry about what will happen. Too much fear can be paralyzing and, in addiction recovery, can be a precursor to relapse. The following are some common fears and how to face them head on.

Fear of Sobriety

Finally getting sober means replacing the one thing that seemed to take all your cares away (drugs and alcohol) and finding a new way of coping. This may be uncomfortable but it is worthwhile to move past this fear once and for all. Running from it will not help alleviate it. The only way out is through: go to rehab and see for yourself what you are missing about sober living.

Fear of Failure

No matter how many days sober you have under your belt, there will be challenges. There will be times you doubt yourself. You can conclude you don’t deserve it or don’t have what it takes but you can do something to combat fear of failure. What you need to do is learn from your mistakes and move past them, not hold on.

Fear of Success

The flipside of fear of failure is fear of success. Most people don’t self-sabotage, they have a deeply held belief they don’t deserve to succeed and may believe they are not worth the effort. Feeling doomed from the start may allow self-doubt and fears to keep them from trying. What you can do is feel the fear, breathe, and stop trying to resist and change it.

Fear of Rejection

Worries about whether or not you will be rejected are unfounded. Without taking steps forward, there is no recovery. Fear of rejection comes from pushing yourself to work a recovery program even when you don’t want to. Putting your fears into words helps you tap parts of your brain responsible for emotional regulation and puts you on a path of healing.

Fear of Getting Lost

Many people fear losing who they are when all they have been is addicted for so long. Now you have to face asking what your true hopes, desires, and goals are going forward. This will give you a chance to answer difficult questions in recovery and move forward.

Fear of Misery

When others are getting clean and sober, you are worried about feeling depressed or angry. The hard work does not end in recovery but you don’t have to be miserable. You can find hope and healing on the other side of recovery. It takes changing your mindset and how you look at things to understand what you need to do to engage fully in your own health and recovery.

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