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Fear of Continued Misery

No one wants to be miserable, and no one wants to go through the process of getting sober, only to remain miserable. Most of us who came to recovery showed up with boulders of problems, grievances, unhappiness, and just complete dissatisfaction with life as we knew it. If addiction didn’t destroy our lives, we wouldn’t need recovery. Which brings us to the false belief that this misery will continue into sobriety, or worse.

The disease of addiction is tricky in every sense of the word. After a little time goes by after our last drink or drug, it starts to erase our memory of just how bad our lives had become. If we don’t do something to combat those feelings, then yes, misery may continue. You can be abstinent from drugs and alcohol and be 100% miserable. This isn’t recovery. Recovery is continuous and requires hard work to stay in the solution. Sometimes, people may need to seek help through a doctor well-versed in addiction medicine, as prolonged substance abuse can alter our dopamine pathways.

Detox and treatment are the best first steps towards living a healthier and happier life. You will be given the tools needed to work a successful program of recovery, and you will learn lifelong skills to help keep you in recovery. Staying sober isn’t something we can do on our own, nor should we attempt this approach. We need community, and peers who have been through similar problems, to help us with ours. In turn, we will give back to the newcomer and help them to stay sober just as we were helped.

If you stay active in recovery, and you reach out to help others, your life will change. Being of service to others doesn’t leave much time for you to be miserable in your own life. If you want to leave the misery of addiction behind, now is your opportunity to do so. You don’t have to feel this way ever again, and you never have to be alone. Give us a call, your life in recovery can begin today. Don’t keep living in isolation and fear, we can help you start your journey with a simple phone call.

Detox is the first step toward a life of freedom in recovery. Addiction does not have to be the end of your story. Make a safe and comfortable detox the first chapter. The Serenity Recovery Center, conveniently located at the Encino Hospital Medical Center, offers a home-like environment for all stages of detox so you can begin your recovery in a healthy state of mind, body, and spirit. Call us today: 866.294.9401