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Fear of Commitment

The disease of addiction is riddled with fear. Addicts and alcoholics are runners from everything that feels frightening or that threatens our here and now. Fears of loneliness, success, failure, and the unknown can plague us in addiction. The fear of commitment is no different. This particular fear can prevent us from achieving lifelong recovery. If we cannot let the fear of commitment go, and have faith in something bigger than ourselves, we may be destined for a life chained to our disease.

When you think of the fear of commitment, relationships may come to mind. Many of us do fear this type of commitment for any number of reasons. We might not want to feel locked in, or we have a fear of the unknown and what the future may hold. Or maybe we’re not sure we really want to be in the relationship in the first place, and we fear we may lose our “out” if we commit. In active addiction, we fear commitment to recovery above all. Our addiction is our relationship, and committing to turning our backs on it is terrifying.

If you are considering treatment, it’s amazing how busy you suddenly find yourself. Thoughts of “30, 60, or 90 days?! A week is a stretch! I think a few days of detox and I should be good to go” and “Nothing will get done, everyone depends on me, and I just can’t leave for that long” are common excuses to push recovery away. What we don’t realize, is that our life and everything around it has fallen apart. Exactly how productive can we possibly be in addiction? Life around us will go on, regardless of whether or not we are there. In our self-centeredness, we can’t seem to fathom how this is possible, and continue to dig ourselves a hole.

Once we decide to put down the shovel, living gets easier. When you call treatment, and just say, “Yes, I’ll come” a big weight is lifted. You don’t have to keep fighting. The act of surrender is a noble one, and facing your fear of commitment to getting well is the most courageous of all. Committing to recovery, one day at a time, is all you need to do. If you are ready to take the first step, give us a call. We know it’s frightening, and we are here to help you move into recovery safely and comfortably. Just for today, commit to your health, your sobriety, and your new life.

Clinical detox can come with the comforts of home. Serenity Recovery Center is the answer to your detox needs. Creating a modern and comfortable environment, our program offers the best practices for safety and compassion during withdrawals. Call us today for information on our program at the Encino Hospital Medical Center: 866.294.9401