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Easy Does It, but Do It

Strangely enough, getting worked up and stressed out often feels easier than just letting things happen as they come. “Easy does it” is an Alcoholics Anonymous suggestion that actually takes some work and a little practice to learn. Newcomers in early recovery have a tendency to see people, places, and things as all or nothing. Our perception of the world may be skewed and the way our brain interprets our surroundings can sometimes get us in trouble. “Easy does it” reminds us to take a step back, breathe, and to just let life happen on its own terms.

The second part of “easy does it,” is “but do it.” The suggestion of taking it easy does have its limits. People who sit on their laurels waiting for a miracle to happen will often end up drinking again. Abstinence does not equate recovery. Recovery takes a lot of work, and people who aren’t willing to put in the work, will often struggle with sobriety. This includes procrastination. Though everyone takes recovery at their own pace, it is important to keep moving forward. Stagnation can have serious consequences. For instance, it’s not uncommon to see some people bounce in and out of the propgram of Alcoholics Anonymous, because they begin the steps, but then stall at step four.

When you are new in recovery, you do need to remember to be gentle on yourself. You are saving your own life and that is no easy feat. People who have some time in recovery offer suggestions like “easy does it, but do it” because they have been in your shoes, and they are telling you what worked and what still works for them. If you stick around, you will find what works for you, and eventually, you will use your own experience to help the newcomer. When your day and everything in it feels overwhelming, practice turning it over to your higher power. This may be a foreign concept to you, but unburdening yourself of the things you cannot control is a crucial life skill in recovery.

If you are struggling with addiction, your life can get easier. Call the Serenity Recovery Center, and begin your own path to recovery. Living with addiction will only get more difficult. After walking through the doors of our detox center, your shoulders and the burden you have been carrying, will feel a little lighter. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (844-339-6964). You are not alone, we do recover. Call today.