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“Dripping” is the New Danger Zone for Vapers

“Dripping” is the New Danger Zone for Vapers

E-cigarettes are taking over the world, it seems, and the focus away from health hazards of smoking. Traditional cigarettes are seen as less appealing than e-cigarettes, or ‘vaping.’ ‘Dripping,’ – dropping e-cigarette liquid directly onto the hot coils of the device to get a thicker, more flavorful smoke – is a dangerous new trend for vapers.

What is Dripping

Dripping is different than traditional vaping in that it slowly releases the liquid from a wick onto a hot atomizer, which can expose the individual to higher levels of nicotine. Let’s not forget that nicotine is itself a drug and dangerous on its own, but now people are taking a higher risk of pushing the carcinogenic liquid filled with toxic substances such as formaldehyde into the body.

Teens are more likely to drip for thicker smoke, the flavor, or overall sensation. People who smoke cigarettes say they smoke for a sensation or feeling they get but it can be for many different reasons. Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat liquid into vapor, which is inhaled. The exposure to nicotine varies but could be higher for some people. Dripping is just one of many tricks vapers use to increase sensations and get higher more quickly on the vapor.

The Dangers

Dripping generates higher heating coil temperatures than conventional e-cigarettes, which is cause for concern. Higher temps lead to greater emissions of harmful chemicals. Formaldehyde and acrolein are two of the toxins released which are also known to cause cancer in humans. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is also a concern as it is progressive. The individual will, over time, find it harder to breathe. It may eventually be lethal. Other chemicals not seen in traditional cigarettes are seen in e-cigarettes which have carcinogenic properties.

We just don’t know all the risks and dangers associated with changing how a drug is used. As with any drug, nicotine is addictive as well as a social activity. Sometimes groups of people get together and vape or drip. Addiction to nicotine and creating a negative social habit can compound itself into situations where others users want you to try new ways of vaping that maybe you are not used to doing. Vaping and smoking of any kind can have harmful consequences which may lead to further harm down the road unless you quit.

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