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Drinking Takes, Sobriety Gives

When many of us started drinking, it felt like alcohol was giving us gifts of courage, socialization, empowerment, and attractiveness. Alcohol gave us comfort in times of sorrow and loneliness. All of these “things” that we thought were good side effects were only masks for what alcohol truly is and does. Had any of us known or believed the devastation that was lying in wait, we never would have touched it in the first place. Unfortunately, no one thinks alcoholism will ever happen to them. Someone may have an alcoholic parent, and always vowed to never become one themselves—until it happened. Someone else may not have any alcoholics in their family, so they think they’re in the clear—until they’re not.

No matter who you are, alcohol can take away everything that you love. Everyday, people die from alcohol and its side effects, and not all of them are alcoholics. Car and boating accidents, domestic violence, accidental falls and injuries, liver disease—the list is long as to what alcohol takes from people. What does it give back? Certainly not self-esteem or any feelings of self-worth. It doesn’t create more loving relationships, or improve job performance. It’s not easy on the wallet, either. Legal problems, divorce, medical bills, and the cost of the alcohol itself isn’t cheap. When you think about all of the things alcohol takes from people’s lives, taking that first sip just isn’t worth it.

Sobriety works in the reverse of alcohol. When you get sober, you are set free. Suddenly, you have a choice in what you will or will not do. Hope, happiness, and love begin trickling into your life. Opportunities start coming your way, and you begin creating the life you always wanted. If you stay sober, you can do anything you want, go anywhere you want, and be anything you want. Sobriety gives you the gift of freedom and everything that comes with living a fulfilling, healthy life. It is never too late to experience the miracle of recovery.





If you are struggling with addiction, call the Serenity Recovery Center. Today is the day your life can change. If you want to be free of the bondage of drugs or alcohol, we can help. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (844-339-6964). You can do this. Recovery is possible, call now.