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Do Men Need Male Sponsors And Women Need Women Sponsors?

This may sound like an odd phrase, but it is one that is frequently said in 12 Step programs, and treatment centers. It means exactly what it says; if you are a man, go hang out with the guys and if you are a woman, hang tight with your ladies. Of course, this usually isn’t what newcomers want to hear. Now that the newly sober and their hormones are no longer numb, the opposite sex suddenly have much more appeal.

As with many phrases in recovery, there is wise reasoning behind this particular saying. Explained bluntly, and with another common phrase directed at women in the rooms of recovery: “The men will grab your a**, and the women will save it.” This is also true in the reverse. In early recovery, we are as vulnerable as vulnerable gets. The last thing a newcomer needs is a new relationship, and pairing off with what could be a potential love interest is not a good idea.

Additionally, as a newcomer, it is important to meet and become friends with those of your same gender. Like it or not, men experience recovery differently from women. The same is true for life. We have different experiences, and some of those, only people of your sex will fully understand. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t be friends with men or women, but you should put your recovery first. Relationships can get lost in the mix, and before you know it, recovery is on the back burner and you are in trouble.

It’s also not uncommon for the same-sex, and women in particular, to have not had wholesome, loving friendships with one another before sobriety. Forming these relationships may feel awkward and difficult at first, but they can become some of the most fulfilling friendships that you wouldn’t trade-in for the world. Recovery is a learning process, and by following a few suggestions, we learn to thrive. If you are ready to step into recovery, we want to help you get there. You are not alone; you can have wonderful, lasting relationships, too. Give us a call, treatment will give you a life you never dreamed possible.

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