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Do Affirmations Really Work?

Do Affirmations Really Work?

Positive affirmations are a part of many people’s vocabularies nowadays. Truth is, these proclamations have been part of human life for a very long time. Greek philosophers, literary greats, poets, and others helped drive empowerment movements in their own rites. There are ways to make it work better for you, but there are also pitfalls to avoid in this new feel-good movement.

Growth and Care

Seminars, self-help groups, counselors, and books are all the rage at the moment, selling positive affirmation as a way of inspiring people to discover their strengths. This may be a way to uncover what is deep down inside people that they did not know existed. There is a lot to be said for growing and tending to oneself as a form of self-discovery rather than wishing that there was change. The art of affirmation shines best when it shines from within.

Positive Affirmations

There are many ways people experience uplifting and encouraging positive affirmations. This can include such things as:

  • Don’t feel alone when there are ways to love yourself at your own fingertips
  • Even if someone makes you feel small, tell yourself you are unique and loved
  • If you struggle with anger, it is okay to forgive yourself for all the mistakes you made

Trying to make these statements work for you requires getting into a habit of employing affirmations as a matter of daily practice.

Make it Work

It can be hard to make something work for you, especially if you are struggling in recovery. If you want to find a better way of affirming yourself in recovery, try these tips:

  • Grab a pad of paper, tablet, computer, or whatever works for you and list negative qualities about yourself. Dig deep to write everything down.
  • Take this step to scan the list and ‘translate’ each negative into a positive. Ask a friend to help monitor you and offer support. Perhaps your friend will offer more positive things to the list than even you were able to do.
  • Devote five minutes of time each day to articulating those positive statements over and over in front of a mirror. Hang the list where you won’t forget it. When those negative statements replay in your mind, return to these to help affirm your positive qualities instead.
  • Find a partner who affirms you that is judgment-free and can help you feel safe. It can be hard to find those people but they are out there, so find yourself a few that will help reaffirm you when you’re struggling.

The power of personal affirmation takes time to get right in your heart and mind. We will help you focus on recovery with our resources and tools that help you recover from addiction, including how to focus on more positive aspects of your life. We will help you feel better in recovery. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401