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Developing Your Personal Power Can Help You in Recovery (and Life)

Developing Your Personal Power Can Help You in Recovery (and Life)

Exercising personal power is about changing your life habits. Changing habits can be things like giving up smoking, getting into a new exercise routine, or controlling an emotional reaction to someone at work. How quickly or efficiently someone changes a behavioral pattern is one way to measure your personal power. Find some tips to build your personal power prowess.


Desire is a factor to consider when looking at the ability to turn a failure into success. The stronger the desire, the faster the change will occur (so we think). A person who comes face to face with serious challenges, like addiction, knows that it is not only about motivation. We may think we lack personal power or self discipline to get the job done but it takes a lot to overcome adversity. Tapping into our reserves of personal power starts by getting in touch with our authentic desire to change and taking small steps to move forward.

Failure to Launch

When people fail to meet their goals, there are many reasons. Competing desires is one huge reason for this. Some other reasons include:

  • Lack of self discipline
  • Debating too long between choices (better of two evils, sometimes)
  • Wasting personal power on choices that don’t matter
  • Letting the critical voice in our head win more arguments than it loses
  • Telling ourselves we failed rather than we worked hard and learned a few things along the way

Get Focused

The ability to focus your attention is a good way to navigate through conflicting desires to achieve personal growth. It doesn’t mean you have mastery over it, but you can certainly feel better when confronted with the challenge next time. Getting focused takes practice. You can learn how to do this by:

  • Incorporating meditation practice into daily living
  • Letting go of personal judgment
  • Develop self-discipline by learning to say ‘no’ to whatever doesn’t serve you
  • Not letting present failure set you up for future failure
  • Breath work to focus your breathing and attention on this moment right now

Personal power is about living authentically into the life you want to live. If your desire is strong, you can achieve most things, but addiction can change how your brain is wired which takes extra attention and time to devote to changing old patterns. Even if you relapse, you can still exercise personal power by letting go of regret and judgment and telling yourself you are still awesome and in charge of your life as you get back on the recovery track. Every little inch of personal power you gain can be taken with you towards the next step, the next, and then the next. Don’t let this stop you from moving forward and enjoying the life that awaits.

Personal power is a journey, like recovery. You will work on and develop it over time. It is not something to be mastered, but discovered as you journey through life. If you need help navigating recovery, come to Serenity. We will help you discover a new journey and path to healing. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401