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Detox: What Can I Expect?

The word, “detox” sounds quite frightening to anyone addicted to alcohol, drugs, nicotine, or anything else we’ve put in our body. If you’re considering coming into our detox center, try to think of the detoxification of your body like a new start. Cleansing your body of all the chemical pollutants is vital to begin the recovery process. If you’ve ever run out of drugs or alcohol, you know what withdrawal feels like, and you’ve probably done everything in your power to avoid it. Medical detox is different. It’s safe, and you don’t go through the same pain as you have before.

Usually, after you arrive, you will be given a brief assessment and initial screenings to test the chemical levels within your blood and urine. If not conducted immediately, they may be given the following day. We do this to ensure we are properly detoxing you off everything you’ve taken, and to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the process. You will then be given a tour around the center to help you feel at home and to familiarize you with all of our amenities.

The next stop is your room. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible while you are staying with us. Our detox process is designed with you in mind. It’s nothing like you’ve experienced before. It is meant to be as painless and smooth as possible, and we strive to do whatever we can to ease you into recovery. We will often prescribe counter-indicative medications that will ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, which will also help you get the sleep you need. For instance, if you are withdrawing from alcohol, you may be given a benzodiazepine prescription which eases delirium tremors (DTs). Whatever it is you are withdrawing from, we will take care of you.

As you taper down, you will likely be weaned off all drugs and alcohol within days or sometimes weeks, depending on your addiction. This process can seem frightening, but for our patients, as they near the end of the taper, most look forward to being 100% clean. The reason for this, is because they are feeling good—really good—for the first time in a long time, and so can you. Nearing the end of the detox process, we will be helping you prepare for your next steps, and your new life in recovery.

Don’t wait another day, call the Serenity Detox Center now. Do not attempt to detox on your own; it can be extremely dangerous, and even fatal. If you want to begin a new life, give us a call; we are available toll-free at (844-339-6964). You are worth saving, you can recover, and your life can get better. Call today.