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Detox is Your First Lesson in Learning to Relax

Detox, as the name suggests, is mainly the process of getting the toxic substances out of your body in a safe and relatively comfortable way. It’s the first thing that has to happen on the way to recovery. Detox is also an opportunity to learn a skill that will be crucial to your recovery–relaxation.

Learning to relax is important because stress is a primary driver of addictive behavior. You can be doing a great job staying on the wagon when everything is going smoothly. It’s when things go wrong and you aren’t sure you can handle it that cravings start to take over. Learning to deal with those stressful moments and learning constructive ways to relax and relieve everyday stress is a necessary skill for recovery.

Learning to relax is actually necessary just to get you through detox. Anxiety is a common withdrawal symptom and while detox clinics often give you medication to reduce anxiety, you may still feel anxious. In that case, you have to find ways to cope.

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it out for yourself. Detox facilities have psychiatric professionals who can help you out and facilities to make the task easier. Facilities frequently offer therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and exercise facilities, all of which are healthy ways to relieve stress.

A detox facility also temporarily shields you from life stress. It can be difficult to regain your composure and learn new habits while dealing with the daily challenges of life. The time you spend in a detox facility is time you can spend on yourself instead of worrying about other responsibilities. A counsellor can help you understand the causes of your addiction and help you learn more productive ways of dealing with stress and fending off cravings.

You can incorporate the new relaxation strategies into your normal routine, so when you are back home you will be better prepared to deal with new problems.

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