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Determining your Level of Care

You should be proud of your actions.  You took the first step and admitted there is a problem.  Searching for who and where to turn for treatment is a big decision.  We are here to help.  There are many resources to look into when deciding what treatment you should seek.  Everyone’s experience is different, which also means every level of intoxication is different.

Addicts that are not as severe of a case, such as functioning alcoholics with low levels of toxins, sometimes can use the natural detoxification method.  This is when outside therapy, cleansing, AA or NA groups, and support can assist with recovery.  This technique can seem the easiest and most want to go this direction, but it isn’t always the best route to take.  If you are detoxing from something strong, a more intense method of treatment is suggested.

Outpatient is very similar to natural recovery.  It might have a few more therapy sessions or more group sessions.  It includes a treatment plan and relapse prevention, but it is still a low tier of treatment.  Living in a sober housing environment can be enough assistance or added to extensive outpatient treatment.  

Detoxing can be very difficult.  Inpatient treatment will be a great option for cleaning out the system and getting a higher level of help.  Medical facilities designed to treat detoxification are full of resources, doctors, nurses, and therapists.  Treatment of this nature varies on the personal situation.  It can last anywhere from 10 days to 90 days.  It all depends on the level of severity.  Assessment of the inpatient evaluation will include: level of intoxication, presence of any medical conditions or behavioral conditions, willingness to be involved, and the level of risk for relapse.  The recovery environment may play a factor in the decision, also.  Living in a home that is corrupted with abuse, other addicts, or deemed unsafe in any other way, could result in a longer stay at an inpatient facility.  This will help give you time to evaluate what life will be like after treatment.

Determining what level of treatment can be scary, but using resources such as therapists, 12 step group advice, or family suggestions is a great way to start your search.

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