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Craziest Ideas You Have in Detox

Anyone who lands in detox usually doesn’t show up playing with a full deck of cards. We don’t wind up here because life has been going so great and we are the picture of mental health. No, we’re here because we thought making a run to the grocery store at 2am for baking soda was a great idea, but instead, we ended up in jail on DUI charges. Or, maybe our drug of choice wasn’t working as well as it used to, so we tried something else, and came-to with four-point restraints in the emergency room.

This type of thinking doesn’t just go away the day you stop drinking and using. Once we get into detox, our addict brains want out, badly. Thoughts of escape, accompanied by a mental video of us breaking free, and running past bushes, through the parking lot, into a liquor store, and catching the next Grey Hound to who cares where, feels like a fantasy we must try.

Then there’s the detox drug cart. What could be better than breaking into the nurse’s station and passing around benzos like candy on Halloween night? After meeting Carl, you know that guy’s a good time on drugs, wouldn’t it be great to see it in person? Or, maybe a protest is called for to showcase my disdain for the system. If I don’t shower, surely they’ll kick me out, right?

Of course, there are those of us who scavenge our rooms in search of anything left behind or tucked away by some trailblazing addict before us. In the process, we ourselves come up with secret hiding places, just in case we were to hit the drug jackpot of the century. We might even try to have drugs brought to us, completely unaware of the reasons why we’re here, and not realizing how far down our addiction has taken us.

Getting clean and sober isn’t easy; our thinking does little in the way of helping us, because it is our thinking that got us here in the first place. Detox is the first step to healing the mind and body, and it prepares us to continue our journey into recovery. Our thinking won’t change overnight, but with time, our brains begin to heal and we begin making better decisions. Don’t wait another day, a better life awaits you. We are here to help, give us a call today.

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