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Where Do I Find Courage to Grab My Lifeline and Get Help?

Where Do I Find Courage to Grab My Lifeline and Get Help?

It can be very hard to find courage and ask for help. When we finally reach for that lifeline, it can feel like rock bottom comes before it happens. Now is the time to muster up the courage to move forward, seek help, and finally start the journey of healing from addiction.

Crashing Down

It doesn’t really matter how it happens, it is almost a fact of life when you are struggling with addiction. You might relapse after someone you love passes away, you are triggered by a big emotional event, work stress, or seemingly nothing at all. It is possible to survive the anxiety, fear, frustration, and even anger that boils up after relapse. Even if you don’t relapse but are stuck in the cycle of addiction, it can feel lonely and isolating. It takes a great deal of courage to step outside the situation and admit the need for help.

Reaching Out

One of the hardest things you will do in life is reach out for help with addiction. Most people in recovery have a hard time asking, so you are not alone. Your life might look really great or fine to some people, but others who know you well may realize something is wrong. The time is always right now to reach out and seek help, because:

  • You can’t do it alone
  • You may be in crisis and not realize how to get the support you need before it gets worse
  • Something inside of you says you are ready
  • Self-medicating will only continue your downward spiral

Grabbing hold of the lifeline can be many things. It may be reaching out to a trusted friend, a spiritual advisor or counselor, or seeking support from a group of peers who understand what you’re going through. Taking care of yourself means seeking the help you need. If you are struggling to tread water and need a lifeline, don’t hesitate.  The courage you seek comes from knowing that you deserve a better life. Life can be so much more vibrant on the other side of addiction. It may not seem that way now, but if you have been sober before, you know that’s true. If you have not been sober (or it’s been a very long time), call to mind all the goals and ways of living you want to accomplish once you kick addiction. Once you realize you cannot get there until you’re sober, you will be more likely to pull yourself up and out of the pit of addiction to seek the help you deserve.

Give yourself the gift of recovery. It is a gift that gives back to you time and time again, without fail. If you are struggling to get on your feet, and need help, Serenity is here to support your journey. We will help you repurpose those goals in sobriety, hit those targets, get that new job, rebuild relationships, and so much more. All you have to do is ask for help. We are here for you. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401