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Could Early Chemical Exposure Cause Addiction Later?

There are some things in this world that we tend to not give much thought about. Drugs and alcohol may be given to children through traditions and customs, medical and dental procedures, and even during cold and flu season. It’s not uncommon for parents to allow their kids to take communion, or for doctors to prescribe pain medication for injuries or cough, or for dentists to give kids opiates when pulling wisdom teeth. Parents may also unknowingly give their children cough syrup containing alcohol and dextromethorphan (DXM).

How many people think about drinking alcohol during communion at church? People in recovery sure should. Is it possible for our children to have a higher propensity for addiction when they’re exposed to alcohol at a young age? The answer is yes. Is it possible a child may take a liking to opiates after being prescribed cough syrup with not only alcohol, but hydrocodone? And what if they also have had broken bones, and their teeth pulled? The answer is yes, these types of early exposure may very well be a precursor for addiction. Having this type of exposure doesn’t guarantee that a child will become addicted later in life, but this coupled with other factors certainly could.

If you are new in recovery, or have been around for awhile, these are the types of things we must be aware of; which also means we should be aware of them in regard to our children. Most kids won’t have an issue with addiction, but some will. It’s those some that we need to look out for. Factors such as genetics, personality traits, family life, and environment all lend to addiction and when any of them are combined, it could be the perfect storm. There’s not much we can do after addiction happens, except treat the problem if it’s not too late. If we do our best to prevent it from ever happening, our kids have a much better chance of living a life free from addiction.

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