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Clearing the Criminal Wreckage of Your Past: 5 Tips

If you are one of few addicts or alcoholics who have made your way out of addiction without any brushes with the law, keep up the good work! If you are like the rest of us, you may still be haunted by anything from DUI, larceny, to prostitution. Some of these topics add a little dark humor to recovery circles, but if it’s you, it’s time to get to work so years later, you can look back and possibly find them amusing, too.

  1. Ask for Help
    Similar to recovery, don’t go through it alone. You may have a sponsor, friends or family, an attorney, or someone in your church to whom you can reach out.
    Treatment centers can also help you through the process by supporting you,
    communicating with the court, and providing proof of your whereabouts and
    commitment to recovery.
  2. Don’t Ignore or Avoid Legal Proceedings
    As much as you may want to cover your head with a pillow and hope it all goes away, it won’t. Respond to and show up for any court notifications and dates. Honesty goes a long way; let the attorneys and judge know about your addiction history, and that you are now in recovery. You may also bring supporters along, not only for you, but as a testament to how you are bettering your life.
  3. Check to See if You Qualify for Drug Court
    If you have a case pending in criminal court, some cities allow certain cases to be moved over to drug court. Doing so could place you in a diversion program which allows you to attend a treatment center, prevent jail time, and possibly provide a little sobriety insurance toward early recovery. Most judges favor individuals who have gone through treatment, so this is an added bonus to getting your life back on track.
  4. Find Resources
    After a certain amount of time has passed, you may be eligible to have your record expunged. Some cities offer free expungement clinics that help you move through the process. You can also find more information on court websites. Diversion programs commonly offer the expungement of records after successful completion. If you were a juvenile when the offense or conviction occurred, you may be eligible to have your record expunged or sealed.
  5.  Continue to Stay on the Right Side of the Law
    Now that you’re clean and sober, you no longer have to worry about failing court-ordered drug tests. Follow through with any programs you are required to complete, set up a payment plan for fines, pay your restitution, and before you know it, you will be free…as long as you stay in recovery.

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