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Chronic Relapse: Why it Happens

A person living with an addiction learns a new way of life with the substance they use. The life they once knew has changed. They stop thinking about things like family, employment, and friends. Instead, they are constantly think about the next high. The euphoric effects of some drugs are so intense that the addict feels as though they can’t live without it. Their brain craves it, and it takes over everything in their mind and body.

Substance abuse is on the rise and new drugs are popping up all the time. Each new drug is hundreds of times more powerful and intense than other ones. There’s always something more potent and overdoses are occurring at alarming rates.

A person with an addiction in recovery stops using controlled substances.The temptation is always there because their brain has become addicted. Temptation could intensify when someone who is addicted is around certain people, places, and things. They need to completely change their lifestyle and start over fresh. Recovery preaches one day at a time because each day is a huge success in the recovering addict’s life.

There are a few reasons why chronic relapse happens. The addicted brain is trained to relapse. Cravings are intense and withdrawals make the addicted individual physically sick. To the addicted brain, it is easier to relapse and use again to relieve the symptoms. A person with an addiction can also relapse due to lack of support from loved ones. Going into recovery is hard enough. Doing recovery alone and hearing negative comments from loved ones can urge a person to use their drug of choice again.

Physical dependence plays a role in chronic relapse as well. The body becomes dependent on the drug and draws the person back into using it. The body is trained to need the substance. Relapse is not a sign of failure. Relapse is common and it doesn’t mean recovery is not possible. Retraining the body to function without chemical dependency takes time.

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