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Get Sleep Hygiene in Order (and Why it Matters)

When the kids go back to school, when life gets in order again, and when it seems everything is at greater peace, life overall seems to go more smoothly. Difficulty getting to sleep can come from lots of places, but it is important to practice good hygiene in sleep habits as well as overall healthRead More

Pilox Your Way to Health and Fitness in Recovery

When CrossFit gained in popularity, fitness enthusiasts predicted it would fade away and nobody would remember anything about it. CrossFit gained in strength and became a popular form of fitness training. A new trend is now taking the world by storm: Piloxing. Piloxing is a form of boxing and Pilates meshed together for a coreRead More

The Hidden Crisis of Pharmacists and Addiction

Addiction does not discriminate who it impacts. Pharmacists are not immune to the challenges found with being addicted to alcohol or drugs. Healthcare professionals, overall, are prone to higher rates of substance abuse than the national average, due to the high amount of person-to-person contact they have at their jobs.  The rates of substance abuseRead More

Childhood Bullying Can Have a Lasting Impact: Here’s Why

Bullying is a phenomena that children seem to experience from peers, regardless of age. It negatively impacts self-esteem, confidence, and can even have lasting psychological impacts on a person’s mental health long term. Not only can it be harmful in the days, weeks, and months following bullying, it may actually last well into adulthood. LearnRead More

6 Steps Hospitals Can Take to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Hospitals are experiencing increased scrutiny from regulatory agencies over prescription drug abuse and the potential for drug diversion from medical institutions. It is also a patient safety issue and an employee issue, along with compliance law issues. Alleviating patient pain using prescription opioids is rampant. Policies need more oversight and administrators can help reduce theRead More

What to Know About GAD and Addiction

There is often a link between mental health and substance misuse that can go unnoticed without knowing what to symptoms present themselves. This relationship can be complex, with one influencing the other in a variety of ways. Learn more about generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and what to know about co-occurring substance use. GAD Defined GADRead More

5 Warning Signs an Athlete is Struggling with Addiction

Athletes are a special group of people, often pushed to their limits in performing competitively at a high level, exercising a lot, and eating different foods to fuel their body. The same competitive streak inside of an athlete can lead to stress and injury. Addiction can sometimes form out of dependence on these drugs toRead More

Try These 5 Tips to Beat Early Sobriety Insomnia

Drugs and alcohol impact the brain and body in many ways, including the brain’s neurochemistry. In addiction, the chemistry of the brain is thrown off, disrupting the body’s normal way of functioning. It takes time for people’s bodies to regain proper balance. One of the issues people have to deal with in early recovery isRead More