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Learn How to Bring Your Best Self to Any Relationship

Entering into relationships require a lot from us. When we bring our best selves, a positive outcome is always expected. For many reasons, people can hide or pull back from putting their best self forward because they have worries, fears, or anxieties about how they may be perceived. Who we choose to surround ourselves withRead More

Embrace Difficulty Using the Power of Meditation

Uncertainty seems to be the name of the game lately. In the environment, in personal relationships, and the world at large, it seems there is less certainty than ever. Meditation can be a powerful tool to use when seeking to embrace difficulty in your life. Perhaps you want to become more grounded and more atRead More

Tips for Surviving That Holiday Office Party

Even when everyone else is looking forward to that holiday office party this season, perhaps you feel a little differently in recovery. Perhaps you don’t even work in an office and wonder what is going to happen when it comes time to celebrate for the holidays. It might be hard to stick to sober resolutions,Read More

5 Signs Your Friendship Might Be Ending

If you consider yourself a true-blue friend, one that will stick with people until the end, it may be pretty difficult to let go of a friendship when it ends. Continuing friendships in recovery can be a challenge but only hurt you in the long run. In an effort to revive or repair a brokenRead More

What is Natural Navigation and How Can it Boost Sobriety?

Sometimes being in recovery feels a lot like being in the wilderness, exploring and navigating uncharted waters. Learning how to plot a course through natural navigation is all about learning how to use your senses to navigate the natural world. Reading nature allows people to see the roots that sustain and explain the world aroundRead More

Try These 6 Ways to Stay Sober in the Winter

Sobriety and staying clean in recovery does not have an on/off switch. Winter can be especially challenging for many people who struggle with the emotions evoked by winter blues, less hours of daylight, or just the upcoming holiday blues. Combat winter doldrums with these recovery tips to help get started: Winter-Time Blues Fighting off theRead More

Survival Tips for Making it Through the Holidays Sober

Most holidays stir up intense memories for people struggling with addiction and recovery. Perhaps there are some good memories in there, but most often it is the challenging associations and relationships that feel most difficult around the holiday season. For many families, it can be the most stressful (not wonderful) time of the year. IfRead More

Why Are Sober Bars the New ‘In’ Thing?

Being in the city or the suburbs does not have to keep people in recovery from being social. It may be harder to find a place to go in the suburbs or a rural area, but there are new, fun ways kicking off sober living. Going to the usual night-on-the-town spots is usually off theRead More